"Eagle Eye Drone" (October 2005)

I developed this project for the "Colombo Gales School" in Bogota Colombia, during the National Science Fair (2005). We were working very hard with my mentors Clara Martin , Liliana Ortiz and my great friend William, who guided me through the development of a security system based on the use of model airplanes . (Drones) 

The drone was built and tested successfully, it captured images and video recorded in real time when flying over the school campus . This event was covered by journalist Carlos Cardenas for "Noticias Uno", Univision for "Primer Impacto", the newspaper "Hoy " and Vicky Dávila in Fm among other media. About a decade ago from now, the Colombo Gales School had its first flight in Colombia. Thank you very much to my dear working team.

"Noticias Uno" (Tv News Interview) 

Assemble Process