"Eagle Eye Drone" (October 2005)

I developed this project for the "Colombo Gales School" in Bogota Colombia, during the National Science Fair (2005). We were working very hard with my teachers and mentors Clara Martin , Liliana Ortiz and William, who guided me through my research process and the development of a security system based on security rings, protocols and the use of model airplanes . (Drones) 

The system and drone were developed and tested successfully, it captured images and video recorded in real time when flying over the school campus . This event was covered by journalist Carlos Cardenas for "Noticias Uno", Univision by "Primer Impacto", the newspaper "Hoy " and Vicky Dávila in Fm among other media. About 2 decades ago from now, the Colombo Gales School had its first flight in Colombia. Thank you very much to my dear working team and the people who always believed it was possible. 

"Noticias Uno" (Tv News Interview)

Univision Noticias Primer Impacto Interview (2005)

Assemble Process