This is my journal page

Please be welcome to my experimental website. I am a very curious person about Engineering, Science and Arts among other interesting topics. I am almost an autodidact in most of the things I do and develop. My intention to create this website is primarily to have a place to organize my research materials, processes and also my actual results. This because I want to  share my experiments, results & improvements with others.

Be welcome to my Arts & Science Website. This is the place where I publish my research about different technology topics. I also do posts about artistic painting, literature and some musical studies I am doing. Thank you for reading and sharing my work with your friends and within the community.  

"Eagle Eye Drone" (October 2005)

I developed this project for the "Colombo Gales School" in Bogota Colombia, during the National Science Fair (2005). We were working very hard with my mentors Clara Martin Liliana Ortiz and my great friend William Trujillo, who guided me through the development of a security system based on the use of model airplanes . (Drones) 

TV Interviews in Colombia (2005)

Colombian Drone test (2005)

Sharing Project Process with Friends